These are the kind of fundamental questions we all ask ourselves from time to time and this questioning is a necessary prelude to our growth and development into responsible and loving adults. Often, as the pace of daily life overtakes us we lose the time to wonder until we start to feel that something is missing. We are doing a great deal but we have lost ourselves, our zest for life and a sense of delight in what we are doing. For many of us the situation has deteriorated into serious problems and we have become stressed, frustrated, depressed or even broken down.

Integrative psychotherapy draws its theory from different therapeutic models working with the psyche and the body. My work includes looking at any physical symptoms presenting, such as headaches, stomach upsets, pains in the back, insomnia, breathing difficulties or other illnesses. Diet and exercise may be examined. All aspects of a person's background and beliefs are explored sensitively and considerately.

You may need to work on these issues for an open ended period until you begin to feel better about yourself. Or, you may want to do a short term solution focused piece of work on a very specific problem. I usually start with an assessment session for us to discuss what would be appropriate for you.